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What it means to be a student

As a student it means putting in the hours to learn from the best, grokking the terminal, squeezing up all creative juices you have. Every day, you wake up to face a new challenge with new tools that we will equip you with. By studying top notch web skills, you position yourself to become rockstar web startup founders, awesome software development apprentices and rockstar beginners

Nairobi Dev School's goal is to empower local Kenyans to learn to program and build their dreams. Come, join us!

Get involved

Connect with us and join the team behind the Dev School!. Feel free to come visit and share your thoughts and ideas. Feeling inspired? Move to Nairobi and help us run the first batch! Nairobi is a great place to live - it has nice weather! Plus you get to work with a motivated team on a great cause. How can we make the impact greater? How can we reach more programmers in Africa? Tell us about it! We could work together!

You or your company can sponsor any of the things we need for the school. You will be supporting students to attend, complete and succeed at the Nairobi Dev School. The monetary support will go to renting space for the school in Nairobi, Reliable, high-speed internet connection, Utilities for the school, Chairs, desks and any other furniture necessary furniture, Laptops and necessary equipment for the students, Financial support to eligible participants.

Are you a dev? Volunteer to mentor some of Nairobi Dev School attendees!

Ilias from Thoughtworks training at the Nairobi Dev School pilot program